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female 29 / Straight
Location Maryland, United States

Hello there, and thank you for visiting my page.
I was born and raised in Baltimore, md where i still live to this day. I'm a very family and friend oriented person, who loves to watch movies, TV, football, as well as play video games. I'm a very easy going person, who dislike drama and try to stay clear of it (well… As best as I can).

My dreams are to flourish in my career and get my MBA which I am currently working on, but my biggest desire and dream of all is to find a good man who I can laugh, smile, and be happy with. That is not to say that I want to get married, but I am look more the a quick hookup. If I click with someone great, if not that is ok as well. My motto is "what will be will be".

If you want to know more about or a pic message me. Hope to talk to you soon

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