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49 - Straight

Kobe, Japan

Sep 26, 2022 12:02

Before you read this, thank you (arigatoh) for stopping by!
I'm very interested in "western" things (movies, music, European history, culture, people, soccer etc) I love listening to the music (rock music - especially British ones, 80's to 90's, some pop music etc = I listen to Metallica to Madonna (^^), watching movies, soccer and tennis, reading (about European history), driving my old car, playing with my nephew and nieces, shopping, drinking coffee, chatting with people who have a sense of humor (I hate uncomfortable silences)...blah blah blah (^^)
I'm fun, cheerful, serious, honest, sincere, loyal, kind but a little bit temperamental (maybe...hehe)
I'm not good at emailing (I prefer online chatting).