BBW Admire


63 - Straight

Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Jul 27, 2021 20:15

# Black Lives Matter #
# First things first: I'm twice vaccinated with BioNTech #
Are there any "normal" women on this website?
The women I met online were either very simple-minded or big-headed.
AND: I like women who are able to say a bit more than just "Hi" ...
An old blues verse says: "A good man is hard to find ... "
Well ... maybe you should take a chance ..

By the way: I hate guns. Shotgun was just my nickname when I played basketball in higher leagues over here in Germany.

People say I’ve got a dry sense of humor. But to be honest: I don't crack cheap jokes. I´m hopefully bright - and I have to be because of my job. This is what I like: Playing jazz and blues on my guitars and playing basketball. Going out dining, tasting wine and cooking. Being pleasured by my one and only ....

AND: I have a weak spot for black BBWs ...

NOW: ... and what are YOU looking for ... ?

AND ... where are you?

P.S.: 65 % of the women on free dating sides are scammers. Don't waste my time ... and esp. no more women who are "just" for some reasons in Africa ...