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26 - Straight

Prince george, Canada

Feb 23, 2021 19:14

Yes I am Indian but I don't want any of your money, Citizenship or anything 😂 Am hard working and can get all those of my own.. just trying to find my another half to fill empty space in my life kik- Amanblue1 .. Even if chemistry not good.. you will still be having a nice and trustworthy friend here is limit for messages. Punjabi blood✌ Respect is not something a lady needs... It's something she deserves... I love to party and travel. Currently doing my MBA and the only thing which makes me happy is writing. I write when am sad, I write when am happy... One woman Man... And yeah whosoever she will be... She will be princess for me. I am kind of old fashion guy... If I love someone I would take care of them no matter what happens.. You only live once??? Naaah!!!!!! You only die once!!! So live like you gonna die next moment... I love to listen. So anyone want to share something? I am all ears!! Am not one of those creepy guys who show off there #### on every website and app. I mean hey dude! It's OK... Every guy is having one... Why to keep showing it? It's not approval of your manhood! If you really want to be with a woman. Don't show her your ####. Make her smile. Make her feel happy. Make her feel special. Coz dude... The way you gonna treat the lady.... Same way someone gonna treat your sister, mother and daughter And one more thing... A woman never gets old... She gets matured like a wine 😚😍 So for me age is the last thing I would even worry about..