BBW Admire


35 - Straight

Davao, Philippines

Jun 23, 2022 21:57

I'm a smart, intuitive, respectful, outgoing, spontaneous, caring girl. Don't get me wrong, I am also clumsy, can be a dork at times and tend to think too much into things. I have been lost and found, I have been left and righted and my most valuable lessons have certainly been the hardest to learn. I am experienced beyond my young years, but extremely forgetful.

I love dimples and seeing old couples still hold hands. I feel everything, always. Heartbreak is a risk of a game very worth playing. I believe love at first sight is possible. Hope is a beautiful word. I have learned to roll with the punches!!! I am what dreams are made of, so go to sleep. I love being kissed and touched on my neck. I worry just as much as I am reckless. I wonder a lot and I strive for it consistently throughout my life. I love falling asleep to raindrops and sweet dreams. I love my feet! It honestly is what it is so take it, don't leave it.

I'm constantly learning more and more about myself. In this stage of my life I am trying to learn as much as possible, meet new people, and grow into someone beautiful! Although I am young, I have lived and learned a lot and because of that I'm an extremely strong individual. I love going on road trips and one day I will travel the world. I love going to the beach, and walking in the sand! I'm ambitious and will try anything once! Life is about experiences and making the best of them. Its about keeping trust, it's about true friendship and real relationships, life is about what you say and mean, it's about who you make happy. Most of all, it's about using your life to touch other people's hearts. The choices you make are what life's about!