BBW Admire


35 - Straight

Bijilo, Gambia

Apr 9, 2014 01:26

Just like every other person on earth is special so i am. I'm a man with an open heart, a honest man,. Gentleness calmness honesty and attentiveness is one of my special attributes. I'm in-love with nature, taking a walk at the beach and watching the sea roll with the sound of many waters, visiting the natural parks and showing love to the plants and the environs..
i am very down to earth, love smiling and laughing loud,. Hanging out with few friends sometimes, spending quality time with the family. I believe in God and the things he can do, i am conscious minded. i love and respect peoples feelings, i don't like hurting someone just as the saying goes, treat others the way you want them treat you,.
I am very romantic, caring, passionate, compassionate, helpful, gentle, kind, loving and so so sweet...... I listen well and freely share whats in my heart and on my mind. I love women nature and their beauty,. But to hold that beauty is reserved for the woman I love... If you would like to meet a man who can touch your heart and warm your soul, if you're open to a loving connection, then let's make plans to talk sometime soon, so we can get better acquainted..

looking for soul-mate not short time thing. NO FAKE PEOPLE OR FAKE PROFILES TO LINK ME UP PLEASE. peace!!