BBW Admire


28 - Straight

London, Ontario, Canada

May 9, 2017 01:24

How are you doing? Here are some things about me.

My hobbies are reading, being involved in two different Scouting groups, listening to music, being with friends and family, swimming, watching movies and being with my two cats. My most favourite types of music are Indie Rock, Classic Rock, Pop and Country. I enjoy watching different types of TV shows and movies, from comedy to action. I love a good burger and fries, pizza and bacon.

I am a really shy person at first until I get to know the person better.

I am looking for a guy who would be a great friend as well as a boyfriend. I am looking for a guy who is working and loving it, has a great outlook on life, and not afraid to spend a night in watching movies and spending time together. I am also looking for a guy who is fun to be around, open minded and open to have a good time.