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59 - Straight

Hamilton, ontario, Canada

Jul 13, 2019 01:52

If you do not live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada do not contact me. Send me a real detailed message. I am, 59,5’11"{without shoes} ,300lbs. chubby, blue eyes, long brown hair in a ponytail, a full beard, wear glasses, have less than perfect vision, hearing and teeth, starting to experience arthritis in foot so long walks are out. I'm a quiet person, a non smoker, non drug user, I do not drink alcohol coffee or tea, no tattoos, piercings or jewelery, diabetic, I am severely allergic to all most all animals. I have aquariums and parrots as pets, a lot of tropical plants, I'm affectionate, enjoy quiet times of intimacy, hot summer days, cycling road bikes hill climber, live alone in a non traditional apartment in downtown Hamilton, I can not drive because of eye sight, I lived in Toronto most of my life.
I am not interested in joining a ready made family, I am seeking a woman who is alone.
If all you can give is 10% of yourself your not for me, you best look for another 10%er. Seeking lady who has pale skin, long hair, feminine, wears skirts and dresses. You are kind, caring, quiet, reserved, very affectionate, non materialistic, non judgmental, non smoker{no exceptions on this}, lives simply, has time to share, lives in Hamilton or doesn't have any issues with traveling to Hamilton as I don't have a car distance is an important issue.