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50 - Straight

mayo, Ireland

Apr 10, 2021 10:07

Okay about me .. Seen a number of different countries , have a couple of degrees , live in the country side .

My hobbies are music ..i play bass and a bit of guitar , and also create tracks on the computer .

I enjoy movies and TV series ....such as Mr Robot/narcos/ making a murderer at the moment/breaking bad .
Enjoying The Killing on Netflix at the moment .

I like to have a walks in the country side and go to the beach .

I have one son from a previous relationship .

I'm quite creative . I also like science .
I read Richard Dawkins , Daniel Dennet , Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris.

I not big into going to pubs etc i've done all of that .

Who am i looking for ?
I'm looking for some one warm kind and gentle ... I've had enough turmoil in my life. You also need to be fairly local to me .. As in Ballina or within half an hour of .

##### What i'm NOT looking for is Turmoil , Drama and Duplicity . I do NOT want to get involved with any mad wild personalities .and .no pot smokers ..thank you .