BBW Admire


69 - Straight

Sachsenhausen, Hessen, Germany

Mar 31, 2017 12:21

I am an easy going man with lots of respect for women because I know what importance they play in our lives either as a mother or as a wife. I am kind, caring, fun-loving and romantic guy that loves getting to know lots of new people. I enjoy going to the pub with friends, meals out, cinema, theater, walks along the beach, cycling and playing/watching different sports.
I've no siblings for there is no one for me to call my blood brother or sister, except for a cousin in Austria. I lost my lovely wife to Cancer, it was a very sad time for me, but I give God all the glory for giving me the strength to be where I am today. My Dad was from Austria while my mother was an American.

My favorite movie is Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The soundtrack in that movie was non-stop and kept the action moving. I love the line "Dr. Jones, Dr. Jones"!! I enjoy watching the old television shows that are on Nick at Night such as the Andy Griffith Show, Get Smart, Partridge Family, All in the Family, The Jefferson's, Quincy MD., Love Boat, Fantasy Island, M*A*S*H, Three's Company. OK, enough going down memory lane. I am a news junkie so you will frequently find the TV turned on to Fox News Live. CNN has gone downhill.

Education I did my university and masters education in Austria before I finally returned back to the states where I lived with my family for about 15 years. I studied Civil and Structural Engineer also went to Taylor Business Institute Master's Degree in Business Administration. I like swimming and exploring nature on the walking trails of the state parks. I love to spend time walking on paths in natural gorges with running water and waterfalls. I like pets and I have a Dog who has become a part of the family over the years I don't smoke, drink socially and have a very straight sexual orientation. I love to go tent camping in the woods. I also love taking a jet ski out on the lake! If am home. I really do enjoy yard work taking care of the bushes, flowers and cutting the grass, I take pride in my lawn. If I am out on the town during the evenings I like to go to established bars NOT with a rowdy crowd, not trendy, flashy, high dollar new places, someplace where I can go and play some darts or pool. I suck at both, but I enjoy pretending I know how to play and let the women win.