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28 - Straight

Alaska, United States

Mar 31, 2020 18:54

I’m the epitome of underachieving overachiever and while I’m not necessarily proud of that fact I’ve long ago accepted it about myself. I have a couple of degrees I don’t really use and downright aversion to the modern corporate landscape as a whole. My year is comprised mostly of picking up some temporary jobs here and there and traveling whenever I am not working. I have a bit of a homebase in Indiana but travel far more often than I am ever at home. I train animals in my freetime with a special focus on performance training and Service Dog Training. I have two personal dogs that I compete in dog sports with, and actively do Search and Rescue with.

My typical late Summer and Fall months are spent working and living out of a Firewatch tower in Northern California. Late winters are spent in Alaska working with sled dogs, and everything between those time periods is a bit of a coin flip. I’ve seen a lifetime's worth of sights over the years and met a book series worth of interesting people. That in mind, I am in no particular hurry to change that aspect of my life currently. Though if I were to, ever, get out of the job hopping and traveling gig it would only be to settle in some sort of semi-urban homesteading environment. I tend a mean garden, raise some delicious rabbits, and make better preserves than your momma ever did.

Hobbies include; Horseback archery, making lopsided woodworking projects, and helping rebuild cars by holding the flashlight steady. I don't watch much of any television apart from the increasingly depressing news, but listen to a lot of music and read an insane amount of books. I do enjoy gaming (PC & Board) from time to time too though.



Age: 42 / straight

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