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40 - Straight

Cavite, Philippines

May 24, 2024 16:53

First of all, I would like to say thank you for viewing my profile.

I'm here to meet interesting people for friendship or maybe more if someone special comes along...

Be informed that I'm not here to ask for money or any material things. Gifts are always nice but I don't want them to be the basis of any relationship that I have or will have.

For guys whose hobby is sending n*de pics and who are only interested in a s*x chat, please spare me from your "earthly desires". Do your business somewhere else or just lock yourself inside the fridge when you're feeling "hot". I'd like to believe that I'm a nice person (you could actually see it in my smile) but that doesn't mean I'll tolerate your disrespectfulness.

My friends would often describe me as someone who is sincere, kind, lovable, affectionate, reliable, charming, trustworthy, huggable and warmhearted. I must admit that I can be quite reserved and formal but it is my "cautious" self talking as social sites can be tricky and superficial. Hmmm... depending on the situation, I can get a little stubborn too, haha!

I’m pretty much a homebody but if I go out its usually to try out new restos/cafes, visit museums/parks/gardens/old churches/historical places as well as car shows/races, gaming/food expos, book/trade fairs, night/flea markets and the likes.

During my spare time, I like watching movies, surfing the net, playing video/board games, listening to music, reading, crafting and many others. If given a chance I would like to learn pottery/calligraphy/graphic designing, ride a bike, drive, play the drums, swim and a foreign language or two. If I can push my luck further, I would love to have a small land where I can plant and grow flowers, trees, herbs, vegetables and fruits as well as to raise farm animals with my rescued cats and dogs!

I've also been watching a lot of van or bus life on YouTube. It would be a dream to experience such and it will be an awesome way to travel the world.

Spontaneity, kindness, sincerity, wit, consistency, respectfulness, common sense and a good sense of humor are always a YES. Arrogance, overconfidence, insensitivity, unnecessary flattery and senseless talking are definitely a NO.

I'm looking for something meaningful and long-lasting. For the spark, the good conversation, the music and the connection.

Hoping to meet that special someone who'll be my friend, partner, better half and lover for the rest of my life. I do believe in love and that it's out there.

If you GENUINELY want to know me better, I'm just a message away.

If you made it this far, thank you. People don't seem to read profiles anymore.



Age: 44 / straight



Age: 43 / straight



Age: 44 / straight