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41 - Straight

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jun 10, 2019 06:54

"Your cheeks so warm, oh what passion they did ignite.
Running my fingers through your hair most definitely did excite.
With lips so plump and juicy to kiss,
Best into frames the passion that I never knew exist.

With a chunky neck and shoulder smooth and strong,
I knew our passion would burn all night long.
Oh what gorgeous jewels to behold.
A big girls chest is as splendid as gold.

-Big is Beautiful

This is an amazing poetry I have recently read from the book called "big and beautiful," it express my feelings towards bbw/ssbbw through words.

A little bit about myself: I am very clean person (great hygiene) also am D and D free.

I have an Egyptian background and I am a professional massage therapist who loves to massage...

I am friendly & fun loving, easy going and easy to get a long with. I am very comfortable around people and make others feel comfortable too. You can fit me in any group....

I have a great passion for bbws like you and I know how to take care of a lady in every way......