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65 - Straight

Idaho, United States

Sep 10, 2019 05:39

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.
I love nature and especially the redwoods. I'm a big fan of energy healing work, reiki, naturopathy and alternate healing modalities.
I'm open minded and really enjoy an intelligent conversation and sense of humor. I love to laugh. Comedy Clubs can be fun.
I love animals and seem to always have at least one cat.
I enjoy reading. I enjoy organic gardening (on a small scale). I always have flowers and herbs growing around my house and yard.
I do have a deep spiritual connection that is very important to me, but it isn't rooted in any one specific religion.
My favorite mode of decompression is sitting out on the deck and watching the sunset while listening to the world as it quiets down for the night.
My ideal partner will be handsome... to me.. Looks are very subjective and what's on the inside and in a persons heart adds immensely to the sum total of who they are. A sense of humor is way s*xier than six pack abs.



Age: 44 / straight

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Age: 37 / straight

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Age: 32 / straight

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