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66 - Straight

Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Oct 6, 2018 12:37

I am a 4ever young men with two academic diplomas working as a teacher for the German language. I like all what is beautiful, well designed sportscars, the colour lilac, travel to beautiful pittoresk places, ancient cars and last but not least all the beautiful ladies from all over the world, but not so much the German ones, cause they are extroverted, dominant, conceited and always know everything better, even what is good and right for their men. But the woman I need must have a deep, warm heart and must have understanding for her husband. I enjoy life, be always happy and I don't worry or be angry. From the women I love them who are in good shape, curvy and chubby not too much like ssbbw. In my opinion a bbw lady should not hesitate to wear short skirts and dresses, cause mostly bigger legs or bigger thights look great the same as a bigger butt and a g-string bikini on the beach. A bbw should have the courage to dress s*xy and not be ashamed of her curvy body. I like the sommer, the sun and the warm weather and I like suntanning wearing simpy bathing-suits.