BBW Admire


32 - Straight

National Capital Region, Philippines

Mar 10, 2019 22:40

Loving my body is a work in progress for me. I am in a journey of self love. To just be totally comfortable in my own body. I also want to be healthier not thinner. To be able to do activities without being too tired easily. I am looking for a person to be a partner, best friend and lover. Have great conversations and awesome dates with.

Things to know:
I am a kid at heart. I love watching cartoons.
I have a bit of a dark humor.
I don't like talking about s*x casually. I hate receiving d**k pics. ( I think this part isn't really important)
I am not a Feedie so please don't ask me about gaining weight or if I want to gain weight. ( I think this part isn't really important)
I can be serious at times, you have to tell me if I am. I know I need to lighten up a bit.