BBW Admire


36 - Straight

Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Jul 14, 2019 11:46


How are you doing? How nice of you too visit my profile.

I hear from other people that they find me a kind men. Always there for others. That i am peaceful. Also that i am reliable, and great full. I had have lived a difficult life and had a lot of bad experiences in live. But luckily that is now in the past and i embrace live now and see a great future in front of me.

I am looking for a woman that like me wants too have a serious relationship and maybe start a family. Someone who is family orientated and love kids. Someone who is sweet and kind, because that is so important to me. I don't have kids of my own, so a lady with children are surely welcome. Also i am looking for someone who i can talk with. Communication is very important to me. Someone that can listen and also is sharing her feelings. Obviously language is there for key. So someone who speaks good English and/or Dutch. Someone who i can share my life with. I am raised an christian so i also am looking for someone that can appreciate and respect that. Obviously i love BBW lady's. Sinds when i was just 16 years old i know-test that i prefer the bigger lady's. People how know me know that i love big girls. I find BBW's so beautiful...

I dated Dutch woman in the past but they have an whole other mentality than woman from other places. I know because i also met woman here in the Netherlands that came from abroad.

I live in Rotterdam in the Netherlands where i work as operator in an oil refinery. I mostly work night times. So because of my work i do not meet a whole lot of people. But if i found that person who i want too share my live with than i will work during the day time. Because i am looking for that kind an relationship where you spend as much time together as possible.