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19 - Straight

Melbourne , Australia

Jul 8, 2019 11:33

From Caulfield. I’m 18, straight, male, 6”3, kinda skinny, white with blue/green eyes and brown hair. I don’t care if you wanna make me fat or if u wanna get fat cuz it’s probably gonna be both of us. The fatter you are the better but if you’re skinny all good as long as I’m the one getting fat. Dominant and submissive, whatever my feeder wants. But I will do everything for you if you’re my lil piggy I’ll force feed you constantly and I won’t f**king let you move, if I’m not home you order takeaway when I call you and you’ll be eating like six times a day. If I’m gonna get fat I have a very slow metabolism I only eat one meal a day but I have a little fat still. I need a girl to feed me as many times a day as she can, all the extra food will go into fat. I have a fat ass for a boy even now and I can tell if I get fatter I’ll get a huge fupa. I have big thighs and if I am developing a muffin top, but I need a feeder to remind me and f**king force me to eat. Dominate the f**k out of me if you make me your fat piggy but i also want to smother you in my fat rolls and sit on you with my dimpled ass, and you gotta eat my ass every now and then.


Jimmy boy 7110

Age: 31 / straight



Age: 34 / straight