BBW Admire


48 - Straight

Monmouthshire, United Kingdom

Jul 13, 2020 22:11

Loving kind gentle.
Im only Looking for very large ssbbw to marry. To spoil and pamper

Im looking for marriage to a lazy wife at home.
Somone whom is looking for a husband whom well cook clean and do washing..bring you food when you want it and make and bring you tea when you ask. All you have to do is relax on sofa and whatch tv and have hubby do everything for you at home..
It makes me happy and i know what im like so happy wife and fullfilled and relaxed pampered wife at home fullfills me as i fullfill you.
Happy wife is happy life..

Im only looking for a very large ssbbw wife whom well apreciate and show love for all i well do for her at home...

Im looking for some whom dreams and wants this type of marriage..

Thank you