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37 - Straight

Naga City, Philippines

Sep 20, 2020 18:32

Hi! I am but a simple girl living a simple life, i am not a city girl but i had a previous job last january 2020 in our city. Well one thing is for sure i am here to find someone can be my one and only. i am not good at selling myself so here it goes. i am a homebuddy, an introvert i dont socialize a lot i only have few friends that i can rely but i am happy and content. i am single because i dont waste on people who dates casually and i dont want to waste your time if you want that i want to get married and have kids of my own i know this is too much to ask for the kind of girl that i am but i guess a girl can dream. i dont jump into relationship just to have one.

one thing you have to know about me is that i can wait forever to find the "one". i want to be honest here so before we chat you know everything your bringing to the table. i have suffered from depression i dont know how it happens but have dealt and surpass it. i also have PCOS if you dont know that feel free to ask me. i have hypothyroidism that is why i am fat and overweight. now i am on medication for all of that but i stop both the latter except the depression because i dont have the finances to continue it. however, i am trying to work it out. so if you still want to get to know me just message me. thank you!