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33 - Straight

East Sussex, United Kingdom

Nov 30, 2023 03:05

Single. Seeking laughter, love and commitment with a bbw lover. Ideally you're hardworking, funny, wants to take care of me, romantic, well endowed and circumsized. looking for someone generous.

I suffer with lipedema on my legs so I'm looking for an understanding partner and perhaps a partner who can afford to get me treatment for it. I'm happy being big but the lipedema stops me being able to show off my curves an wear jeans an leggings an show off my big bum. I just want to be free to dress an show of my fluffyness and be able to show off my big s*xy body in the bedroom for my person.

because I've decided to be do honest I haven't uploaded a face pic because I don't want or need to be ridiculed. if a genuine man approaches me and we connect of course I'm going to show me. it's a very sensitive topic my lipedema issue I've hid it for years and been unhappy for years avoiding all the normal things everyone should have in life like s*x, a partner, kids and a life. thanks for reading.

I need to start a lipodema fund for the liposuction…!

P.s love of my life if you are here do still hit me up cause I’m single and ready to love and be loved on!

*I'm not lookin to date any Nigerian men. No offence but do not message me* *if you live in a bando lookin place don’t message me*



Age: 43 / straight

East Sussex
United Kingdom


Age: 57 / straight

East Sussex
United Kingdom