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58 - Straight

Quebec, Canada

Aug 11, 2022 01:59

Welcome to my ad šŸ˜Š

You can also write to me in french.

Ideally you live in Canada or United States, the colour of your skin is not an issue for me.
You are a beautiful sensitive SSBBW with a pretty face and you are looking for a man who like very fat women. You are feminine and you like to choose your makeup and clothes to look prettier. You can also answer to my ad even if your weight reduce your mobility.

You are a very sensitive woman with a big heart and you have a lot of love to give and to receive, please let me to enter in your life, you will be surprised how i'm a kind man.

For our first meeting I would like to meet you in a romantic place where you will feel very comfortable, a place where you do not have to walk a lot, a place where you will be comfortably sit for a very romantic conversation with candles, to add to this, I will bring you a beautiful natural flower, and during I will hold you hand, I will tell you how you are beautiful and attractive.

Start as friends and then we'll see.

Iā€™m faithful in love.

I'm a great listener and you can make sure I will always take the time to listen what you have to say. Too many men do not take the time to listen what their girlfriend has to say.

Iā€™m a very open mind man, and if there something you do not like about me, It will not an issue for me to talk about it with you because I humble and I'm always try to be a better person. Too many many men think they are perfect.

Iā€™m a soft man, non violent verbally or physically, too many men do afraid their girlfriend and make her unhappy.

Iā€™m kind and always ready to help.

Iā€™m very romantic, I like to give flowers, bring a surprise gift, write some nice words on a piece of paper, take her hand during we eat, sit on the couch very close her during we watch a movie, open the door of the car.

I'm a very simple man, I like to learn new things with Youtube, take a walk at the mall, eat a breakfast at resto, admire the nature but with a woman like you it could be a lot more interesting.

Iā€™m a single caucasian man, I do not smoke, I do not use drugs and I do not drink alcohol but I like to drink a glass of wine occasionally and the most important ... I have a great sense of humour ... do you know the secret to be a great cook like me ? You have to make sure to buy the best can opener lol šŸ˜‹

You cannot imagine how I will take cares of you šŸŒ·


Jean Klaude

Age: 34 / straight



Age: 24 / straight



Age: 28 / straight