BBW Admire


48 - Straight

Ontario, Hamilton, Canada

Jun 12, 2021 23:32

My name is Richard, friends call me RIchy, just don't call me d**k unless you wanna meet him and was that to his face LOL! I was born and raised in Toronto for 25 years then moved around a few times and have been living in Hamilton for 10 years now. I'm 45yrs young and a father of three beautiful boys whom I love dearly and have shared custody of. My youngest is 11yrs and my oldest is 21yrs and in college. I am looking for only one special woman, they say the third time is a charm!!! She must be affectionate, romantic and intimate as I am too. I enjoy the outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, playing my piano keyboards, quality time with my kids and family and love making. My kids are my world and no woman will ever be put before them, this I make clear to you now. I am a very hard working man and has very little needs in life such as peace, good health, love and a good deserving woman to come home to and make love to on a regular bases and grow old with. I've been Chewed up and Spat Out, Put Down and I've Gotten Back Up much Stronger and Wiser then before. I'm a man who gives her my all once I've fallen in love with her, a gentleman when called for. I believe in Karma, Jesus Christ, the after life, faith and true sole to sole love. I do believe there is someone for everyone on this planet of ours, just gotta bump into each other at the right time and the right place under the right moon.