BBW Admire


65 - Straight

Georgina, Ontario, Canada

Jan 17, 2022 16:59

I'm a lover of nature. Forest hiking, gardening, camping, wildlife, animals, birds, etc. As a result hunting is not something that I could tolerate being around me. I owned horses for 26 years and so they hold a special place with me. I like to live a balanced kind of live with the least amount of strife and stress that I can but of course understand those things cannot always be held at bay. For those times I enjoy some meditation, some essential oils burning, or sometimes some very loud music playing. I'm also a lover of laughter and good old fashioned comedy that isn't factored around insulting others. Witty banter can be fun as well as dry humour, while corny humour I never got. I love long, intelligent conversations about anything from GMO's to quantum physics and definitely don't do small talk well. I am a touchy feeling kind of person according to the connection of course and would prefer someone the same. I am not a drinker at all, don't smoke, don't toke and only take one medication for thyroid function. I'm tend to follow the opposite directions of the main stream narrative and question those things 'told' we should adhere to. I tend to be attracted to taller men to be sure and those with kind expressive eyes who laugh easily, who understand the true nature of what a real connection with someone is and what it all entails.

I am a medium to larger sized woman. If that's an issue so be it. I look after myself and definitely do not need someone to pay my rent or bills paid nor am I looking to pay someone else's. I'm more of a real, down to earth, say it as it is kind of person, never care much for games. I seek a true partnership and connection with a man not a competition or just someone to fill the empty spot on my couch.

Please be within half an hour of my location. Please have a fairly recent, clear facial picture of yourself or sorry, there will be no reply. Be single!!!

“A girl wants attention, a woman wants respect. A girl wants to be adored by many. A woman wants to be adored by one.” -anonymous

Don't offer me flowers, don't give me candy, don't promise me the moon...just allow me to be yourself to the gift that I you will be to me....don't roll your eyes to the occasional insecurity or silliness that sets in my head....listen with your heart when I ask for it..mine will always be there for you...embrace me for me...mistakes, triumphs, laughter, tears, loving and fears....why else would you be with me.