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26 - Straight

Davao city, Philippines

Oct 3, 2021 08:38

An ordinary girl living in the city of palms, anyway, What brings you here? Haha, I don't even know how to start but yeah! I'm a talkative person shy at first but when I start talking you'll surely wish me to stop. I love dogs and yes I have dogs haha. I always encounter body shaming so I hope no one will do that to me here since this is about me so guys if you're looking for s*xy girl Nah! I'm not the one since I'm chubby but hope that doesn't matter to you at all. And So, I doubt if you'll gonna like me! Spread love ❤️

Im not here for your money as i can finance myself, i am here to find a serious relationship. Not to guys who just want girls to take off there clothes for them. Please be respectful and kind!