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55 - Straight

Alaska, United States

Mar 29, 2023 12:56

Alaskan Native, happy, funny, caring, and smart. Non-smoker, occasional drinker, 420 friendly.
I enjoy Alaska's outdoors, camping, and fishing. Long drives without a destination, short drives wandering for a place to eat lunch or dinner.
I like to play pool, cards, and board games or cuddle while talking about nothing. I am hands-on kinda gal, wink-wink. Rethinking things in life, thinking of moving to a foreign country, Mexico or Japan, what do you think?
Scammers, please do not waste my time. I have been through the wringer with a scammer and can spot you in a second, so just stay away.


Im just a girl

Age: 36 / straight

United States

DM - k i K in bio

Age: 25 / bi

United States