BBW Admire


63 - Straight

Carmarthenshire, Wales

Sep 28, 2023 16:27

For me a down to earth type... someone compassionate, with good
empathy; a romantic person who still believes true love to be possible;
someone who is loyal.
I'm quietly confident, love travelling and finding about new things. I
am looking for someone who is trusting loving likes good chats a down
to earth person not someone with there head in the cloud’s. Who likes
to go out but would just be as happy sitting at home in each other arms
watching a good movie. Just being together as one. Also looking to meet
someone who is quietly sure of themselves and what they want out of
life, and most importantly someone who is loyal and can be counted on.
Whilst looks have some currency, really it's more important that this
person can be a best friend, talk about anything, and be able to laugh
at life! I generally try to live a somewhat healthy lifestyle and am a
vegetarian. I live as an Artist for 30 years and make my living with
I travelled a lot and lived in Spain, France and Italy for
some time. I try to live in harmony with nature and lived in a Tipi for
some time and have build a Celtic roundhouse, with mud walls and grass
roof. I lived in it for fife years.
I am very spiritual, meditate for many years have practice Yoga, Tantra
and natural healing to name some. I have my own little organic garden
and am known for to produce excellent fruit-wine.
I have several hobbies but my main interest is music. I play several
instruments (guitar, sitar, synthesizer, and marimba). Music is a
brilliant way to express yourself. I am generally an optimistic person
with a sense of humour and fairly easy-going. I love cooking as much as
I enjoy eating. I consider myself to be a fairly honest and truthful
person and expect the same in return.