BBW Admire


53 - Straight

Rs, Bosnia and Herzegowina

Dec 24, 2022 20:09

I am someone who struggles with weight and I decided to try this site to see if I can meet someone similar to me.

I am not interested in communicating with young men who are old enough to be my kids so your messages will be ignored. I prefer people my own age.

If we start having a more frequent communication, I will request a video chat so we can both verify who we are, because I have been hit by too many scammers.

If you have nothing to hide, you can have a video chat and I have already heard too many stupid excuses why one can't show his face.

Additional explanation:
It seems that my faceless photo and request for a video chat confuse people but I do it this way because people use photos of other people online to make fake profiles. I don't send my photos. I don't request photos but I prefer a video chat in order to verify that we are who we say we are. Too many scammers make fake profiles and avoid voice or video chats but they have photos of other people prepared so a sent photo can be anyone's photo.