BBW Admire


52 - Straight

Colchester County / Nova Scotia, Canada

Mar 25, 2014 20:44

Honestly, I'm not a high energy girl. I tend to prefer staying home & relaxing to being out & about. I enjoy day drives, & weekend getaways.
I live on about an acre of land & share a common driveway with my closest neighbors. I have a mother & grandfather whom I visit with as often as I can. They are about 10 minutes from me & when my driveway cooperates, I can usually get to see them every other day or so.
I have cats & they enrich my life in ways that people without pets may not understand. I love them greatly, I have a field for a backyard & because I'm adjoined to the woods see a lot of white tail deer, raccoon, ground hogs, rabbits, foxes, & pheasants.
I am always open to answering questions, although would rather they be asked respectfully & be non suggestive at first. I don't talk about certain subjects until I know some one well. If you are interested in knowing more, please feel free to contact me. I will answer every message even if it's just to say thank you for reading.
If you want to get to know the woman in this profile I suggest you write me . I could be the one darlin'..... Let's find out.
If I do write you first, then I've read something that caught my eye.
Even if you aren't interested, a nice "No thank you" is always a nice bonus & shows good manners.

I'm looking for a single man. Someone who knows how to show respect, common courtesy, a mr. fixit would be nice but not a requirement, however a love of animals (Cats specifically) is. lol. Someone with a big heart who is just as comfortable staying home, to going out for a drive & checking out flea markets, yard sales, & dollar stores. Someone who knows the value of a dollar, but isn't afraid to spend a little from time to time.