BBW Admire


32 - Straight

Jalisco, Mexico

Feb 7, 2023 06:21

I consider myself a cheerful, curious, spontaneous girl, always looking to learn something new every day, I enjoy the little things I live in every moment and instant. I appreciate sharing time with my family and friends, helping others and giving the best of me. I enjoy going outdoors, walking among the trees and nature, I enjoy yo travel specially to the beach and swimming in the ocean, I love the sunsets, the sky full of shades of colors, the rain and the night under the moonlight. I like to go out to meet new places like cafes or terraces with live music and good food, I love when in the distance I can hear a song that I know the lyrics and immediately join in to sing. The walks through the big squares and parks of the city where I usually play with my nephews and nieces and I also become in those moments a little girl full of imagination and fun with them. Something I also enjoy is dancing, some time ago I used to take classes, I find it a wonderful way to express emotions and feelings through smooth and elegant movements as well as rhythms full of energy.

I am looking to start a friendship with a good man with whom I can share hobbies, learn from each other, enjoy the time we spend together, give him my support, time, affection, hugs, dedicate every day all my love. I wish for a long term relationship. I am a very romantic woman, I appreciate that my partner be a man who is attentive, gentlemanly, kind, who allows himself to express his feelings and all his love. I will to correspond to everything that he inspires me and makes me feel.

Some facts about me:
I don't have children - I wish to have them in the future
I am 5'3.39" / 1.61 cm tall
I weigh 100 kg / 221 lbs