BBW Admire


31 - Straight

Delaware, United States

Feb 9, 2023 11:41

I am looking for a man with a rich soul who is able to interest a woman. It is important for me that he was fully formed as a person with whom it would be interesting for me to live together. I feel so many men get told to "suck it up" their whole lives and they just bottle everything up and they don't know how to communicate and they don't express themselves and they can't handle their partner expressing themselves. I want to be able to say how I feel and know how my partner feels. I seek a genuine relationship, I want one where my partner and I better each other and grow together, not grow apart. I have spent so many years alone laying in bed at night wishing there was that someone to talk to about what happened that day or problem solve something taking place in my life. Even if he didn't have the answer, just to be pulled into his arms and be told we would figure it out and get through it together. It's not so much about expecting some miraculous answer, just at least being a team and getting through it together.