BBW Admire


20 - Straight

Edo state , Nigeria

Nov 5, 2023 03:25

I am lovable
I am a good person
I deserve to be
I am responsible for my own happiness
I profoundly and deeply accept myself
I have realistic expectations of myself
My opinion of me is more important than others’ opinion of me
What I want for myself is more important than what others want from me
I don’t need other people’s approval
I believe the world is a good place and I have a place in it
My feelings are just feelings, neither good or bad
I don’t compare myself to others
I am proud of me
I ask for help because I am worth someone else’s time
I acknowledge my good qualities; not to do so would be to cheat myself
I accept challenges as a way to grow



Age: 28 / straight

Edo state


Age: 30 / straight

Edo state