BBW Admire


48 - Straight

Middlesex, United Kingdom

Mar 19, 2023 01:52

Okay well here goes on who I am and what I am looking for:

I love cats with a passion & have 11 pedigree housecats and they are very well behaved, though they do have the run of the home as it is theirs first and foremost! I 'm a trustworthy and honest person, I have a fantastic sense of humour and genuinely looking for a partner/companion.

I was in a horrific high speed Road Traffic Accident on 17th August 2011 with life changing back/neck injuries, so fragile physically & will be for the rest of my days! I have to walk with a stick and live in chronic back pain. But still work part time as I don't like sitting a home doing nothing.

I keep a clean home, the only thing I can’t do is cook as much as I used to. But I am still independent and don’t like to be a charity case. Though I have learnt that no one is perfect and money can’t buy health or true long term happiness.

I love listening to various types of music (from 80’s, 90’s 2000’s etc & Italian Music). I used to like going down the pub for a good chat with mates, a game of pool and some laughs but again this is not possible now. But do like to go out for a meal as long as the chairs are comfortable!

My father is Italian and I have Irish in my family also, what a mix huh? I was brought up with morals, manners and old fashioned values. I find it has made me into a good person and respect the culture for these qualities. I am as honest as can be, sometimes too outspoken and it does get me into trouble.

I am looking for a Long Term Relationship with all with a Long Term Relationship should have i.e. trust, honesty etc and above all commitment, fun to be with and having the "spark" mentally as well as physically, knowing that the person in front of you can turn you on just by looking at you or know that you can feel turned on just by thinking about them when your away from each other, though it seems winning the lottery seems more of a possibility.

I have been in a few relationships that have been both good and bad, but I don’t dwell and have a “life is too short” philosophy to think about the past. Although I like my own space (doesn't everyone) which is only normal, but I miss having someone who can be my friend as well as my partner. I have also learnt that s*x isn’t everything in a relationship, communication, trust, respect and loyalty are equally as important.

I would like someone on my wavelength, though not into mind games, if you like playing games may I suggest you get a Playstation. So, if you are not into mind games, not allergic to cats and don't mind smokers, what are you waiting for?

I am not interested in Black, Asian, or a "bunk up".

I love tattoos on a man, not sure about women, must be my old fashioned morals lol.

Thank you for time the time to read this book!