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40 - Straight

Fogo, Cape Verde

Aug 5, 2015 08:06

How are you doing? fine I guess. I really appreciate the fact that you stop-by check on my profile, I like being open to the much I appreciate been opened to. So shall I say more coz? First thing you need to know about me is that am a busy mama.
I will like to tell you a lot about myself but where do I start from, okay my name is Sylvia M. Williams. I am a black single mum, my mom (Caroline Klovizh) was a German American basically From (Duesseldorf) and my dad is a Cape verdian. I Love my mum. I work as a Media consultant profession,*U know that? I had my decree at the Glasgow Caledonian University in United Kingdom. My job makes me travel from time to time. Why? i guess there is more to find out about me.