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49 - Bi

Utah, United States

Nov 27, 2021 16:48

Hi there

I'm Rachel. Not babe, baby, honey, hun, sweetheart, pretty, angel, or any other affectionate name. I delete messages and block senders if I am called them. I prefer to keep my private contact info to myself until some compatibility is established.

I'm a designer, seamstress, fiber artist, and creative type. I am an atheist, a fighter for equality in all things, an anarcho-communist/far leftist, a mom and a grandmother. I am a Black Lives Matter, LGBTQAI+, and #metoo supporter. I won't allow anyone space in my life who isn't.

I'm bi/pansexual, polyamorous, and have a magnificent primary partner. I'm looking for more partners, more fun, more passion. I'm not interested in casual s*x, but am looking for connection. I am not interested in monogamy, being a third for you and your partner, or marriage at all.

I am only interested in people around my age and older. I am only interested in people currently living in the US. I am only interested in people who are single or in open/polyam relationships. If you are married/in a relationship and your partner is unaware of/has not enthusiastically consented to an open/polyam relationship, leave me alone. I choose not to date those with young children, because my children are adults and I don't want that responsibility again. I do not date religious people. Ever. I do not date cops, soldiers, conservatives/libertarians, or Trump supporters. Ever. I won't argue with them either.

If you fit the above criteria, feel free to message me, and please mention the color teal so I know you read my profile if you choose not to, I'll assume you're not really interested in me and won't respond.



Age: 44 / straight

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Age: 38 / straight

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Age: 32 / straight

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