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29 - Straight

Western Australia, Australia

Feb 27, 2020 15:10

So a little about myself...I'm Curtis (as you've probably gathered ) I've been living in Australia for just over a year now , I'm originally from the UK.

I'd describe my self as philosophical...I think too much (Sorry i know that makes me sound pretentiouse) I have a short attention span. I'm.also creative too. I love writing short stories and doing photography . I'm also going to start painting lessons soon...I'm really looking forward to it.

I feel like ive just discovered what direction in life I want to go, so far I've attempted IT and I've tried to become a Buddhist monk but now I've settled on what I want to do.

Being at the monestry taught me a lot mainly that you don't need to be a monk to be a good Buddhist so I attempt a daily meditation practise.

When I'm not at work or doing meditation I like to do a bit of gaming , watching films and reading.



Age: 46 / straight

Western Australia


Age: 31 / straight

Western Australia